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Chocolate Delight

Moist chocolate sponge,

filled with alternate layers of

dark chocolate ganache and

dark chocolate mousse.

Decadent chocolate delight

Rich dark chocolate sponge,

soaked with Baileys Irish Cream

Filled with a dark chocolate ganache.

Black and White heaven

Moist chocolate sponge, soaked with Baileys Irish Cream filled with a delicate vanilla buttercream.

Victoria's treat

Moist Vanilla Sponge filled with Vanilla buttercream and your choice of Strawberry or Raspberry jam

Victoria's naughty but nice

Moist Vanilla Sponge filled with a delicious light chocolate mousse.

Divine lemon

Zesty Lemon sponge, soaked in a lemon and limoncello syrup filled with delicious lemon cream.

Orange dream

Orange sponge or chocolate orange sponge. with rich dark chocolate orange mousse.

The carrot cake

A delicious, hearty and moist carrot cake filled with your choice of orange or lemon buttercream.

Traditional fruit cake

Family recipe filled with

heaps of nuts, fruit and zests,

soaked in Brandy for minimum

3 months.

Almond swirl

Moist almond sponge filled with almond buttercream and your choice of cherry or raspberry jam.

Cappuccino delight

Expresso infused sponge cake, with alternate layers of delicious coffee liqueur buttercream and vanilla buttercream.

Lime and coconut desire

Lime zesty sponge cake, infused in lime syrup. Filled with alternate layers of lime and coconut buttercream.


For those who cannot choose between chocolate and vanilla!

Alternate layers of vanilla sponge and chocolate sponge filled with alternate layers of dark chocolate ganache and fluffy vanilla buttercream

Madagascan Vanilla

Moist vanilla sponge, infused in Madagascan vanilla syrup and filled with layers of madagascan vanilla pod buttercream.

Chocolate raspberry jaffa cake

Rich chocolate sponge, filled with layers of raspberry preserve and dark chocolate ganache.

This cake can also be made with  cherry.

Pick and mix

Feeling creative? Pick any above sponge and mix it with any above filling or buttercream and make your own flavour combination.


All recipes are home-made, confectioned in our laboratory with natural, high quality ingredients & fresh free-range eggs.

No industrial preparations are used.

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